Accounting & Tax Services

Williams Financial Service, LLC
Pamela Fox & Kevin Williams

  • Monthly Accounting Services
  • Tax Preparation – Business & Personal Business Coaching – including startups
  • Notary Services
  • Cannabis Dispensary Accounting
  • Crypto Currency & Non-Fungible Tokens
  • Remote Human Resources services for your business by Christine Denardo PHR-HRCI

Why Choose Us

Always On Time

When it comes to finances, deadlines are critical. We will meet or beat your deadlines to ensure your business runs smoothly.

Up to Date

Bringing to clients continuing education of current tax law changes and accounting principles. Obtaining through attending conferences and webinars along with research of annual and industry updates.

Available when it is convenient for you

We can meet you whenever and wherever is best for you. Days, Evenings and Weekend appointment are available so you can concentrate on running your business.


Monthly Accounting Services

Fully Insured Daily/Weekly Accounting & Bookkeeping Services for Micro, Small, and Medium size Businesses utilizing the following

Accounting Platforms :


  • QuickBooks Online
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop
  • QuickBooks Non-Profit Desktop
  • QuickBooks Pro Desktop

Manual Payroll Processing to include:

  • Financial Statement Analysis and Budget Projections.

Consulting regarding the establishment of a new Business Entity and the benefits to each (Sole Proprietorship, Single Owner LLC, 1065 Partnership, 1120-S Corporation, and 1120-C Corporation.)

Accounting Projects

*Note: Certified Public Accountant referred services available through a separate outside engagement letter for any CPA services needed directly with our CPA colleague


Tax Preparation - Business & Personal Business Coaching - including startups

Tax return preparation can be a daunting and complex task. Tax laws are complicated making filing even a simple return a bit confusing. We’ll find the deductions and credits you are entitled to. There is no substitute for the assistance of an experienced tax professional. Call us at 207-699-7979 to discuss how we can help.

  • Tax returns for personal, business, estates, and non-profits
  • Sales and Use Tax monthly / quarterly tax filings
  • Specialize in preparation and filing of past due tax returns
  • Annual corporate Maine franchise tax filings

Business Coach Services

Kevin brings over 30+ experience as an entrepreneur. He has the ability to help you take your Business Idea and help you navigate the tricky waters of Business Setup. This journey starts from helping you form the correct Entity, Sales Tax Compliance, helping to get your DUNS Number set up, and getting your Accounting Platform setup in the correct manner from the start. Kevin will be your Mentor throughout the Business Setup process.


Notary Services

  • State of Maine Notary Public
  • Available to officiate at weddings

Cannabis Dispensary Accounting

Cannabis accounting requires specialized knowledge and training to properly and legally account for the Cost Of Goods Sold.

Now Accepting new Cannabis growers, vertically integrated operations, medical Dispensaries, and adult use Clients in Maine

  • Highly knowledgeable with IRS CODE 280E and 471C
  • We offer a free 30 minute consultation.

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Diversifying US Accounting Talent Certification

AIPB Certification

Cannabis Insurance

IMA Certificate 2022



We recommend the services of:

Allison Bishop CPA
Financial Coach
Portland, ME 04101

Crypto Currency & Non-Fungible

If you have traded in these items during the past year, we can guide you through the specialized steps necessary to report this activity properly on your Tax Return.


What Our Clients Say?

Kevin is punctual, trustworthy, and accurate. I don't worry about our financials anymore and I have him to thank.
Amanda Lee
CEO & Founder Crix
Accounting is my least favorite part of running a business. Kevin comes in and takes care of many of the tasks I am unable to handle and it is a huge benefit to me and my company.
Adam Cheise
Director at Dynamic
Finding someone trustworthy to handle your bookkeeping and taxes is essential and that is what we found in Kevin. He performs all his assignments with integrity and know-how.
Roy Clizark
CEO at PP Create

A Few Of My Clients